Every Picture Tells A Story

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Sharing emotions and troubling stories with family members or close friends is difficult for many people. We are afraid of what another will think of us. Society tells us not to burden another with our troubles.

Instead, many of us internalize them, blow them off when we need to share them, even tell them to an inappropriate person. It affects our moods, our outlook, our day to day life, and our relationships. Some swear they will take these feelings and stories to their grave. Unfortunately, some do sooner than later.

People tell me their personal stories and I listen to them without judgment. In telling their stories, I use unique images. My work shows sharing personal, emotional stories can be safe. Yours can be too.

Every Picture Tells A Story

… are six volunteers, telling six stories, on six separate canvases, with six images on each canvas. Each print tells a complete story.

Over a period of 7 months, Billy, Tim, Skyla, Erinn, Fekadu, and Johanna each told me their very personal story. For the story sessions, each dressed, sat, spoke, and moved as they chose. They were never rehearsed, prompted, or interrupted. I never spoke. Each story took 30 to 90 minutes to tell. For each story, I took 500 to 2,000 images. From those images, I chose 6 images in chronological order to tell you their story.

I am eternally grateful to Billy, Tim, Skyla, Erinn, Fekadu, and Johanna for their trust in me, and their support and love in this endeavor. None of this is possible without their willingness to bring “Every Picture Tells A Story” to life.

Artist Statement


Neal Schlosburg, photo artist: The mood of an image is a shared experience between artist and viewer.

I explore energy, emotion, and sensibilities with my images and their titles. My goal is to have an expressive exchange; one soul directly to another. I converse with light, shades, tones, textures, shapes, and words to tell a story and to convey my feelings. Life is diverse, so too are the moods.